Q:What is a retreat?

A:We are usually so occupied ourselves with our day-to-day living, we don’t even realise how stressed out we have become.
A retreat is an opportunity to step out of the every-day life and spend time to focus on yourself in a tranquil natural setting, where you can relax both your mind and body and study a variety of things.
At our retreats, not only yoga, we have prepared lectures and workshops on subjects including nutritional therapy and meditation. You will learn something new not only externally, but also may discover something new within yourself.

Q:I’m a complete beginner.

A:You don’t need to worry at all because our instructors will take good care of you.
You have a first time for everything you do in life and we will be greatly honoured to introduce and guide you into the wonderful world of yoga.
Please do not force yourself and follow the instructions at your own pace.
Many of our participants continue yoga after the retreat. We can assure you that you will be well-looked after.

Q:I’m on my own.

A:No problem! Most people come on their own.
At our retreats, we have a very friendly, harmonious atmosphere where everyone feels at home. Our teaching staff are looking forward to not only teaching yoga, but also getting to know you and talking to you at meal times and other times.

Q:We are a couple.

A:Of course couples can join us too, anyone can !
We welcome couples, friends, or you can bring your parents or children.

Q:Suitable clothing? Climate?

A:It depends on the place where the retreat is held. In Bali, summer clothing will be usually sufficient, but as it gets cooler sometimes in the morning and in the evening, you may need another layer of clothing. For yoga, your clothing should allow you to move freely. Please bring comfortable shoes and sandals.
Laundry can be done at the hotel and in the town (will be charged but not expensive)

Q:Yoga mats?

A:You can either use the yoga mats at the retreat, which are cleaned regularly or you can bring your own.

Q:Insects and mosquitoes ?

A:Bali is a tropical island so there are insects and mosquitoes. Hotels are equipped against them to a considerable degree, but you will need an insect repellent when you are out and about.

Q:Entry requirements. 

A:When entering Bali, you will not have any language problems. They don’t usually ask any questions, though you may be asked how long you intend to stay. If you are anxious, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can give advice on Skype.
You will love shopping in the departure lounge as it has been renovated lately.
As you will be required to pay 200,000 in Indonesian rupiah cash, please make sure to have sufficient cash.
This departure charge was valid in November 2014. We will update you on any changes.