Welcome to Yoga-Luminous !

We provide time for learning something new and comfortable place while you do Yoga and Meditation.

What is yoga? A retreat is a place where we can talk about yoga, though you will definitely find more than words !

A little introduction here.

☆Asana ( Pose )

Many people start with yoga asanas.

There are a number of yoga asanas which are named after animals. This is because Rishis (meaning sages or saints in Sanskrit) observed that the movements and postures of animals are natural and healthy because they are in harmony with their surroundings.

In yoga, you stretch parts of the body and muscles you would not normally use in daily life. If the stretching feels good, that is your yoga.

☆Prana ( Breathing )

We don’t usually notice our breathing, but since the moment we were born, we have been breathing non-stop. When we pay attention to our breathing, it slows down and if we let emotions run high, it could become fast and shallow, which is not very good.

Unlike the other inner organs, you can control your breathing. Breathing is part of yoga and breathing can help you maintain your health. There are several disciplines of yoga and Pranayama is devoted to breathing exercises alone.

You may get more sweaty than doing physical exercises, and I heard that someone managed to have flatten her tummy just by doing Pranayama. Breathing calms your mind, which can result in your face becoming serene and beautiful. This applies to both men and women.

Calming your mind and body with Pranayama, you will be also able to control your emotions and physical conditions. Prana is a life force energy which permiates the universe and can vitalise your own energy. In our retreat, you can learn a wide range of subjects on yoga, ranging from asanas, pranayama, yoga philosophy, and healthy eating.

Everything you see and touch in the retreat will become a treasure in your life. Life is a gift. Enjoy !

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Feb.2020 Ashtanga-yoga retreat coming soon! Feb. 2020!

  • 22 Nov. 2018 – Bali Retreat
  • 28 April. 2018 – Bali Retreat
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